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William Duncan

Will loves data, putting it to use to help others, and collaboratively generating interesting projects with others in applied economics (get in contact if you have an interesting idea where you think I might provide some value!). He is currently an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at Baker University and has his PhD in Economics from the University of Kansas. Before entering academia, he worked as a research analyst for a university foundation and sat on the board of local non-profits in the Kansas City area. He is motivated to use his quantitative skills to help understand how people's lives can be tangibly improved and how economic research can be leveraged to improve policy. 

In addition to his doctorate degree from the University of Kansas, Will obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Music at Baker University. He has also obtained a Masters of Science in Global Governance and Diplomacy from Oxford University. He maintains an active interest in international affairs and scholarship in international relations (IR) and international political economy (IPE). When not working on applied economics questions, he is often writing and thinking about IR and IPE and hopes to launch a book series soon using international treaties to examine these areas. 

He is also an active tennis player and pianist. If you want a good game on the courts, or need someone to play music at your event, feel free to get in contact!

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